This inventory list is updated more often than the photos. Please call and we will always provide a photo of any item you are considering for purchase or rental.

All purchased instruments may be traded back in in good condition towards and upgrade for full purchase price minus a small restocking fee for cleaning, strings and adjustments.

Please note: An "Outfit" consists of a Cello and a pre-selected gig bag and bow of appropriate quality. Otherwise, our cellos come with a padded gig bag only. Hard cases can be added to any purchased outfit at a discount.

For finer instruments, please make an appointment so that we may serve you better.


Used fractional factory outfit $300-$700

Factory made durable well set-up Student outfit.

Used factory 4/4 outfit from $695

Factory made durable well set-up Student outfit.

Used fractional hand carved outfit from $695

Handcrafted with solid top, back and sides. Brands vary. Guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

Used 4/4 hand carved outfit from $ 895

Handcrafted with solid top, back and sides. Brands vary. Guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

Samuel Eastman VC80 outfit $CALL

A popular school level outfit. Solid plywood construction. Durable with pleasant sound.

Cellos $1,000 - $5,000


Samuel Eastman VC100 outfit $CALL

From the famous Eastman workshop, an excellent value and all solid wood. Fiberglass bow and Deluxe Bag.

New hand carved outfits $1,190+

Various brands. Excellent handmade cellos.

Gafiano VC105 hand carved outfit $1,190

Made for Foxes from premium tonewood with a nice shaded spirit varnish, bag and brazilwood bow.

Gafiano VC307 4/4 oufit $1750.

Gafiano VC307 1/8 - 3/4 oufit $1,195 - $1,495

Handcrafted from premium tonewoods with a nice graduation and good shaded spirit varnish.

Larsen A and D strings for a lush sound.

Outfit includes Deluxe bag and Brazilwood bow.


1/8 Peter Heinrich Outfit $1,800

Handcrafted 1/8 Size with beautiful House of Weaver Varnish, deluxe bag and carbon bow.

Samuel Eastman VC305 $2,195

Praised by Strings Magazine for good looks and an excellent sound. Popular for over 15 years!

Custom setup by David Belazis with Larsen strings

for a warm, robust tone. French Despiau bridge


3/4 Michael Gerlach Outfit Europe $2,395

1/2 Michael Gerlach Outfit Europe $2,195

1/4 Michael Gerlach Outfit Europe $1,995

Handcrafted Cello from Europe's best makers. Gorgeous House of Weaver Varnish. Larsen combination string set, Bobelock bag and a premium carbon bow. (rental option)

Vintage Fractional German Handmade $1,600+

We restore dozens of older cellos from the best European workshops. Always reasonable in price and great sounding from the old wood. Stock varies.

Stephan Besser Romania $2,500

One of our best selling cellos. These are handcrafted in Transylvania from aged Carpathian tonewoods and varnished locally. Larsen and Tungsten Spirocore setup.

Rudolf Doesch $INQUIRE

The famous Rudoulf Doetsch instruments introduced in 1972 still sound great today. Both vintage and new instruments may be available. Handmade German top back and sides.

1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4.

Montagnana Replica Hong Kong $3,000.

An extra 2 inches on each side. Big cello. Bigger tone. Comfortable shoulders and slim neck for easy play.

7/8 Michael Gerlach $3,295

4/4 Michael Gerlach $3,295

Our best selling German workshop Cello. Handcrafted by a co-op of the best European makers. Varnished by the House of Weaver with a premium bass bar and antique shaded varnish.

Belazis Atelier "Gofriller" $3,800

Based on a pattern by the legendary Tyrolean maker Matteo Gofriller, these full bodied cellos are praised for their warmth and sweet tone. Very even balance makes this a perfect instrument for the cellist seeking a more nuanced tone. Created in Harbin, China to Mr Belazis' specifications by a 3rd generation violinmaking family with European schooling.

4/4 Jurgen Klier Germany $3,995

The best value today in a German handmade cello. These instruments are powerful and projective.

4/4 Martin Engel Europe $3,995

Great looks and even better sound. This full voiced instrument has a round and even tone, with a treble voice that lends itself to solo repertory.

Heinrich Gill 304 Germany $INQUIRE

Modern cello from Berndt Dimbath.

Johann Eddler Germany Testore $4,900

Johann Eddler Germany Montagnana $5,200

Beautiful handemade cellos from Baiersdorf, Germany with premium Alpine spruce and a fully antiqued varnish for the look of true refinement.

Lothar Semmlinger Germany $4,900+

The master maker of Baiersdorf, Mr. Semmlinger and his two sons craft exquisite cellos from only the best tonewood selection.

CELLOS $5000+

Atelier Belazis "Petite Strad" $5,250.

Made by a 3rd generation violinmaking family in the mountains of north China. These cellos have a sweet, sophisticated tone.

Closer to a 7/8, this comfortable cello has lots of volume to offer and a unique one-of-a-kind one piece highly flamed maple back.

Wilhelm Klier $INQUIRE

Big brother to the Rudoulf Doetsch. Full sound.

Antique German $5,000 - $10,000.

We restore beautiful old cellos from Germany and the surounding regions. Stock and prices vary.

These cellos come fully restored with a lifetime warranty.

Hiller workshop , Bairsdorf, Germany $8,500.

Exquisite golden varnish, applied and scraped from 20 layers. Montagnana on premium European tonewoods.

Heinrich Gill & Dimbath W2 $INQUIRE

Excellent handcrafted German cello with shaded varnish.

Parma Italy "Bottega di Parma" $11,000+

The best value in a modern Italian Cello. Alpine spruce and Bosnian maple! Shaded varnish.

Berndt Dimbath $INQUIRE

Creative Master Luthier instrument made by Mr. Dimbath from only the finest available tonewoods.

Vintage and Antique French $INQUIRE

We restore and sell some of the finest cellos made in Mirecourt and Paris including some as much as 200 years old. These cellos are sweet and refined and usually feature a masterful oil varnish.

If you're looking for a cello with a little "je ne sais quoi", contact us today to start your search.

Currently available: L. Mougenot, J. Derazey,

L.C. Courtier, J.B. Collin-Mezin & more.

Cremona, Italy modern makers $INQUIRE

We stock Italy's finest makers including the Cremona region. From Roberto Collini to Marcello Villa. You'll find an excellent value in our import-direct pricing.

Stanley Kiernoziak Chicago $INQUIRE

Mr. Kiernoziak's beautiful cellos are enjoyed by many symphony players today. Contact us to try one today!

WIlliam Harris Lee Makers Chicago $CALL

Beautiful Amercian made cellos from Master Luthiers in Chicago, Illinois. Symphony level instruments.

Luigi Sofritti 1878 w/ cert $INQUIRE

Fine old Italian cello. Exceptional.

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